Daniel Bingham



I’m a polyglot, full stack developer. I taught myself C at the age of 13 by working on a Multi-User Dungeon codebase, which I ran on a unix server over my parent’s broadband connection.  My strengths lie in writing clear, reusable interfaces, in writing decoupled, testable code, in my knowledge of design patterns, and in object oriented data modeling.

DevOps Lead @ Ceros (https://www.ceros.com)
aws, cloudformation, docker, jenkins, aws-ecs
Sep 2018 - Current

Lead the creation of a team process and agreement on code standards, lead daily standups and monthly retrospectives. Organized and managed the story backlog, lead the planning of stories and their prioritization into a continous kanban process. Helped remove blockers, fixed bugs, and executed stories to move us through the development and release of a docker/jenkins/amazon-ecs based infrastructure.

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Ceros (https://www.ceros.com)
aws, aws-ecs, docker, jenkins, cloudformation, bash
Feb 2018 - Aug 2018

Worked with another engineer to re-architect our infrastructure on docker and aws-ecs using cloudformation and Jenkins for build automation.

Senior Developer @ Ceros (https://www.ceros.com)
javascript, php, chef, mysql, amazon-ec2, backbone.js, less, html5-canvas, docker
Nov 2014 - Jan 2016, Nov 2016 - Jan 2018

A design studio built on the HTML5 canvas. I worked on a reskinning of the design studio, a javascript SDK, an in-studio Font Explorer built around Google Fonts, an integration with Zencoder for video uploading, an integration with the Noun Project, an integration with Auth0 for authentication, and a transition to a Docker based infrastructure.

Software Engineer @ EllisLab (https://ellislab.com/)
php, mysql, javascript, ExpressionEngine, Codeigniter
Aug 2012 - Oct 2014

ExpressionEngine is a highly flexible commercial CMS.  I worked on a relationship field type and I helped design a service oriented architecture, a highly flexible ORM and a new plugin architecture. I helped formulate and implement a refactoring plan to transition ExpressionEngine off of CodeIgniter to this new architecture. 

PHP Programmer @ Ideacode (http://www.ideacode.com/)
php, zend-framework, html, less, mysql
Feb 2011 - Nov 2011

I worked on client projects in PHP in the Zend Framework.

English Language Science Teacher @ Satree Phuket School (http://ecp.phukej.com/)
Jun 2010 - Nov 2010

I taught science and mathematics to middle school aged students. I developed the curriculum and produced all materials. I worked with students who ranged from fluent in English to totally new speakers.

Founder @ Fridge to Food (http://www.fridgetofood.com)
php, cakephp, zend-framework, mysql, html, css, javascript, jquery
May 2010 - Feb 2011

I made a brief attempt at a startup while I was simultaneously teaching science in Thailand. It was a formative experience in my development career.

I did everything required to bring a web application from conception to production including developing the database, writing the PHP and JavaScript, designing it, implementing the design, and configuring the server. I iterated over the design and backend code a couple of times, made an effort to find funding or get accepted to a startup incubator, and eventually recognized that I had no real business plan.

Contract Programmer @ GE Energy and Infrastructure (http://www.geenergyconsulting.com/practice-area/software-products/maps)
javascript, microsoft-access, eclipse-rcp, mysql, windows
May 2009 - May 2010

I worked on Concorda DB, a data management application that supports GE’s MAPS simulation software. I worked primarily in Java, first in Netbeans and then Eclipse. I wrote the data modeling and import / export code that handled the large text data files MAPS required. I also wrote an automated runner that could export the data to the text files MAPS required and kick off a simulation run.

Academic Technologies Assistant @ Skidmore College Academic Technologies Department (http://www.skidmore.edu/academic-technologies/index.php)
php, mysql, linux, perl
May 2008 - May 2009

Officially, I was a student worker. Unofficially, I acted as the de-facto programmer and open source expert for Skidmore College’s Academic Technologies department. I was nominated for Student Employee of the Year.


In the evenings and on weekends, I work in various capacities to advocate for cooperatives, sustainability, healthy democracy, and good governance. I’ve served in non-profits, cooperatives, and local government as a board member, treasurer, task force chair, and committee member. I’ve proposed policy, coordinated working groups, handled finances, and facilitated meetings.

Board President @ Bloomington Cooperative Living (bloomingtoncooperative.org)
Mar 2016 - Feb 2019

BCL is a democratically run 501(c)3 housing cooperative that owns one property and rents two others to provide low income housing to 45+ members. The board acts as a long term memory and advisory body, dealing with things like managing the finances and proposing long term projects. Most of the board’s work must be approved by the general membership, so board work involves often involves making the case for our plans to the co-op’s general assembly for approval.

Served as president of the board. Served as registered agent of the non-profit corporation, often facilitated meetings, helped resolve multiple disputes among the cooperative's members, acted as interim treasurer in gaps between treasurers, helped pass a resolution to hire a staffer through the GA, took point on the refinance of 404 W. Kirkwood, and helped with the initial investigation and planning into the purchase of 921 W. 9th.

Director @ Bloomington Cooperative Living (http://bloomingtoncooperative.org/)
Mar 2015 - Feb 2016

Helped to facilitated collaboration between Dandelion Village and the BCL board, and worked on a long term plan to have BCL pick up and carry on the Dandelion Village project (as an affordable, sustainable housing cooperative).

Co-Chair @ Government Innovation Task Force, City of Bloomington (https://bloomington.in.gov)
Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

I acted as co-chair for a municipal task force created by Mayor John Hamilton to examine the city government of Bloomington, IN and determine how it could be made more efficient, more effective and more responsive to the people of Bloomington. The task force ran for seven months and produced eleven recommendations presented to Mayor Hamilton in August of 2016.

Member @ Member Linkage Committee, Bloomingfoods (http://www.bloomingfoods.coop/)
May 2015 - Apr 2016

As an appointed member to the Member Linkage Committee of Bloomingfoods, I was responsible for completing the work assigned to the committee by the Board of Directors. For the year I served that work was gathering input from the cooperative’s member owners about the co-op’s transition period. In addition, through my role on the committee, I proposed a new committees policy that was passed by the board and acted as a facilitator for committee meetings.

Member @ John Hamilton Mayoral Transition Committee (https://bloomington.in.gov)
Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

I served on the Mayoral Transition Committee for Mayor John Hamilton of Bloomington, IN. Committee work involved several meetings over the course of about six weeks running from November 2015 to January 2016. We performed SWOT assessments of the various city departments, considered challenges facing Mayor Hamilton, and produced recommendations.

Treasurer/Registered Agent @ Dandelion Village (http://www.dandelionvillage.org)
Nov 2013 - Nov 2015

I joined Dandelion Village, an affordable housing and ecovillage development project in Bloomington, IN in fall of 2011. I became a member in early 2013, became the registered agent for the LLC in late 2013 and served as the treasurer for a year from 2014 to 2015. I’m currently helping to organize a collaboration with Bloomington Cooperative Living through my role as a board member of that organization.


BA, Physics / Computer Science from Skidmore College

May 2009

Completed a double major in Physics and Computer Science.