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Escape From Parameter Hell

posted on January 27, 2014 with comments

Originally published on EllisLab.com:

I’ve been doing a lot of interface design, of late. When first designing a system, it’s pretty easy to keep interfaces simple. It’s easy enough to write functions and methods such that they only need a few things:

function do_action(Person $person, $action){}

But as design progresses, or as you use a system, interfaces change. You need to pass more information. Parameters previously required become optional. Eventually, you end up with function signatures like this:

function do_action(
Person $person_doing,
Person $person_done_to = NULL,
$at_time = 'now',
$with_implement = 'voice',
$with_coconuts = FALSE,
$are_repressing_the_peasantry = TRUE)

Welcome to Parameter Hell…

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